Answers to Riddle and Logic Puzzle


Hey, if you missed my latest newsletter, I included a riddle and logic puzzle from a couple of my books for readers to solve.


First, in Every Crooked Path, Tessa asks the following logic puzzle:

“John, Amy, George and Linda all arrive at a crime scene. They work as the fingerprint analyst, detective, paramedic, and undercover officer—but not necessarily in that order. You get two clues. First, the detective arrived after the undercover officer, but before John and Linda arrived. Second: the paramedic left before his wife arrived, after talking with the female detective.”

ANSWER: According to the first clue, the detective arrived after the undercover officer but before Linda and John—and there were only four people—we know the undercover officer had to have arrived first—and also that this person couldn’t be Linda or John. Consequently, George has to be either the detective or the undercover officer. But, as stated, the detective was female. George is a man’s name so he arrived first. Then, Amy, the detective got there, followed by John the paramedic and Linda the fingerprint analyst.


In Curse, Kyle gives the following riddle:

“What’s the largest thing you’ll ever see, yet smaller than a pin? You’re looking into history, so let the guessing begin.”

ANSWER – It’s a star. Because you’ll never see something bigger than a star, but when you see it in the sky it looks smaller than a pin. And you’re looking into history because the light from the star takes thousands or even millions of years to get here, so some stars might have already burned out, but their light is still traveling through the universe.


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One thought on “Answers to Riddle and Logic Puzzle

  1. These were really fun. I knew the answer to the riddle would be a star, but thought it possible it could also be a galaxy. A galaxy can look like a star, a mere pinpoint of light, but is even bigger!

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