Frequently Asked Questions by Steven James

Book Excerpts

#1 The Pawn (Patrick Bowers)

#2 The Rook (Patrick Bowers)

#3 The Knight (Patrick Bowers)

#4 The Bishop (Patrick Bowers)

#5 The Queen (Patrick Bowers)

#6 Opening Moves (Patrick Bowers)

#7 The King (Patrick Bowers)

#8 Checkmate (Patrick Bowers)

#1 Placebo (Jevin Banks)

#2 Singularity (Jevin Banks)



The Seven (Bad) Habits of Highly Effective Writers (Suspense Magazine)

6 Secrets to Creating and Sustaining Suspense (Writer's Digest)

Five Story Mistakes Even Good Writers Make (Writer's Digest)



Six Secrets to Novel Writing That No One Ever Told You About (handout)

How to Write Thrillers That Actually Thrill (handout)



Omnimystery News (July 2013)

The Big Thrill (July 2013)

Chin Wag at the Slaughter House (Feb 2013)

The Wisconsin Gazette (Sept 2012)


Video Links

Interview with Penguin Books for The Bishop

The Quest for Celestia