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07/05/2016 ThrillerFest 2016
05/22/2016 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference 2016
05/12/2016 Oklahoma Writers Federation Conference
03/17/2016 Novel Writing Intensive Retreat, Spring 2016
11/10/2015 Appalachian Authors Guild, Abingdon, VA
10/26/2015 Teaching in Kazakhstan
10/19/2015 YWAM Switzerland
10/09/2015 Breathe Christian Writers Conference, Grand Rapids, MI
09/25/2015 STL Distribution Fall Invitational in Elizabethton, TN
09/23/2015 New Website to be Launched Soon
09/18/2015 Alaska Writers Guild Conference
09/01/2015 I'm looking forward to my upcoming speaking engagements.
07/24/2015 Dallas/Ft. Worth Writers Conference
07/09/2015 ThrillerFest 2015
07/08/2015 CraftFest 2015
07/07/2015 Master CraftFest in NYC
07/02/2015 ThrillerFest 2015 in NYC
06/24/2015 Every Crooked Path Will Be Released December 1, 2015
06/19/2015 Upcoming Speaking Events
06/11/2015 Novel Writing Intensive Retreat, 2015
05/01/2015 The Story Blender Radio Show
04/30/2015 Cleveland Bradley County Public Library, TN
03/19/2015 Northwest Ministry Conference 2015, Seattle, WA
02/26/2015 Re:Write the Ragged Edge
02/25/2015 Checkmate is Now Available in Audio
02/09/2015 Upcoming Books
01/17/2015 Troubleshooting Your Novel Conference, Nashville, TN
01/06/2015 2014 Life is Story Awards, Checkmate
01/01/2015 Troubleshooting Your Novel Conference
12/20/2014 Checkmate Book Signing at LifeWay, Johnson City, TN
12/17/2014 Book Signing at LifeWay, Johnson City, TN
12/16/2014 Writer's Digest Webinar
12/11/2014 Checkmate is a 2014 Lime Award Nominee!
12/11/2014 Checkmate is a 2014 Lime Award Nominee!
12/09/2014 Live Webinar Event
12/04/2014 Singularity is Now on Audio
12/04/2014 Checkmate Book Release Party, Elizabethton, TN
11/20/2014 Milligan College, Chapel Service
11/12/2014 Checkmate to be Released December 2, 2014
11/06/2014 Lost State Writers Guild, Johnson City, TN
10/29/2014 Checkmate Book Release Party
10/16/2014 Novel Writing Intensive Retreat, 2014
10/13/2014 Novel Writing Intensive Retreat
10/02/2014 Mary B Martin School of the Arts, Novel Writing Class
08/21/2014 Killer Nashville
08/13/2014 Checkmate: December 2, 2014
08/12/2014 Dinner with an Author at Cranberries
07/31/2014 3-hour Novel Writing Class in Jonesborough, TN.
07/06/2014 ThrillerFest 2014
06/27/2014 Dinner with Steven at Cranberries
06/26/2014 Johnson City Public Library
06/22/2014 Christy Awards / ICRS
06/05/2014 ThrillerFest 2014
06/03/2014 North Wildwood Beach Writers Conference, New Jersey
06/01/2014 Fellowship Alliance Church, New Jersey
05/30/2014 Blur Book Release Party
05/27/2014 Blur Book Release Party
05/18/2014 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference 2014
05/06/2014 Blur Website is Now Live
04/29/2014 Singularity is a finalist for a Christy Award
04/27/2014 Story Trumps Structure Website is Live
03/15/2014 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference 2014
03/10/2014 Check Out All My Upcoming Events
03/04/2014 Two Books to Release on May 27, 2014
02/28/2014 South Africa 2014
02/21/2014 Writers Advance Boot Camp, Asheville, NC
01/14/2014 The King wins a Christian Manifesto's Lime Award
12/01/2013 WRITING! Do Not Disturb
11/04/2013 Teaching in India
10/23/2013 Storytelling at the Boys & Girls Club, Johnson City, TN
10/10/2013 Novel Writing Intensive Retreat, 2013
10/03/2013 Spirit of Naples Conference, Naples, FL
10/01/2013 WORLD Magazine Interview
09/21/2013 Read an Excerpt of Singularity
08/27/2013 The King at
08/10/2013 Northshore Christian Church, Everett, WA
07/30/2013 Johnson City School District Food Service
07/29/2013 Audio Interview with The Christian Manifesto
07/27/2013 Book Signing at Barnes&Noble, Johnson City, TN
07/23/2013 Book Signing at Barnes & Noble in Johnson City, TN
07/11/2013 ThrillerFest 2013, NYC
07/02/2013 The King is Now Available
06/28/2013 Book Release Party for The King
05/21/2013 Emmanuel Christian Seminary, Johnson City, TN
05/09/2013 Book Release Party for The King, June 28, 2013
04/27/2013 The Writer's Homicide School
04/15/2013 East Tennessee State University: National Library Week
03/03/2013 NRB Convention in Nashville
02/27/2013 Florida Christian Writers Conference 2013
02/22/2013 Woodland Elementary, Johnson City, TN
02/22/2013 Novel Writing Intensive Retreat, 2013
02/14/2013 Writing for the Soul, Colorado
01/23/2013 New YA Mystery Series
01/17/2013 Tsali Frosty Foot Race
01/07/2013 Mid-Atlantic Christian University, Elizabeth City, NC
12/17/2012 Opening Moves wins a 2012 Lime Award
12/01/2012 The Steven James Worldwide Photo Scavenger Hunt
11/13/2012 Milligan College, Chapel Service
11/09/2012 Opening Moves Nominated for an RT Book Reviews Award
11/05/2012 Steven is Featured in the Nov/Dec Issue of Southern Writers Magazine
11/02/2012 Steven is on a Writing Retreat
11/01/2012 Milligan College, Fine Arts Class
10/30/2012 Writing Retreat Getaway
10/27/2012 Research Trip to Las Vegas
10/22/2012 Placebo to be Released on November 1st
10/22/2012 Steven Meets with CBD in Boston
10/19/2012 Writer's Digest Conference West, Los Angeles
10/16/2012 Indian Trail Middle School, Johnson City, TN
10/14/2012 Prince Avenue Baptist Church, Atlanta
10/13/2012 Junior Jam at Cedarville University
09/13/2012 Opening Moves Receives Excellent Reviews
09/04/2012 Craft of Warfare Workshop, Phoenix, AZ
08/31/2012 Book Release Party for Opening Moves
08/30/2012 Opening Moves releases September 4th
08/10/2012 SEAK Fiction Writing for Physicians and Lawyers, Cape Cod, MA
08/02/2012 Lost State Writers Meeting
07/17/2012 The Queen Wins a Christy Award
07/16/2012 Book Release Party for Opening Moves
07/16/2012 ICRS and Christy Awards, Orlando
07/11/2012 ThrillerFest 2012, NYC
06/04/2012 Book Expo America
05/20/2012 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference
05/19/2012 Quest for Celestia signing at Lifeway
05/18/2012 TEACH Graduation Commencement, Johnson City, TN
05/03/2012 Keynote for the OWFI Conference, Oklahoma City
05/01/2012 The Queen wins the Christian Book Award for Fiction
04/25/2012 Craftsman Residency, Manitou Springs, CO
04/16/2012 The Queen is a Finalist for FOUR Major Writing Awards
03/30/2012 Release of Quest for Celestia
03/22/2012 Northwest Ministry Conference, Seattle, WA
02/28/2012 CNN Blog: Stop sugarcoating the Bible
02/24/2012 Upcoming Speaking Engagements
02/19/2012 "Arts Talk Radio" Interview
02/13/2012 Interview on "Mid-Morning" WBCL
01/19/2012 Steven's interview with Penguin Books
01/16/2012 Second Thoughts: an exclusive short story by Steven James
01/15/2012 Book Club Visit, Johnson City, TN
12/26/2011 Book Signing at Barnes & Noble, Johnson City, TN
12/05/2011 Research Trip to Oregon
12/02/2011 Steven at Milligan College, TN
11/28/2011 The Queen Wins An Award
11/18/2011 Book Signing in Grand Rapids, MI
11/17/2011 Book Signing in Grand Rapids, MI
11/10/2011 Order Your Collector's Editions of The Rook and The Knight
10/22/2011 Book Signing at Lifeway in Johnson City, TN
10/20/2011 Penguin's Mass Market Edition of The Bishop to be Released
10/18/2011 Research Trip to Milwaukee
10/11/2011 Faith Radio Interview
10/09/2011 Storytelling Concert in Bristol, TN
10/09/2011 Storytelling at First Baptist Church of Jonesborough, TN
10/04/2011 Podcast Interview with Josh Olds
10/04/2011 Storytelling Concert in Greeneville, TN
09/19/2011 Book Club Visit
09/16/2011 North Texas Christian Writers Conference
09/13/2011 The Queen Receives a Starred Review from Library Journal
09/07/2011 Fiction Addict Podcast with Jake Chism
09/07/2011 Interview with Blogtalk Radio
09/07/2011 Order an autographed copy of The Queen.
09/03/2011 Interview with Suspense Radio
08/31/2011 Congratulations to Wendy McAuley, winner of the "Become a Victim" Contest.
08/26/2011 Watch The Queen Book Release Party LIVE
08/26/2011 Book Release Party for The Queen
08/23/2011 Book Release Party for The Queen, August 26
08/12/2011 The Ragged Edge with Ted Dekker
08/03/2011 The Bishop on
07/17/2011 Storytelling at First Baptist Church of Kingsport, TN
07/12/2011 Novel Writing Intensive Classes
07/12/2011 The Bishop wins the Christy Award for Suspense
07/11/2011 ICRS and the Christy Awards, Atlanta, Georgia
07/06/2011 Thrillerfest 2011, New York City
07/04/2011 Steven at ThrillerFest 2011
06/24/2011 Christian Writers Group, San Antonio, Texas
06/11/2011 Three Secrets to Great Storytelling
05/27/2011 Writing Getaway in North Carolina
05/24/2011 BookExpo America, New York
05/23/2011 Steven will be conducting Novel Writing Intensive Classes
05/14/2011 Research trip to Philadelphia
05/11/2011 BookExpo America, New York
05/06/2011 The Bishop is nominated for a Christy Award!
04/11/2011 The Bishop wins RT Book Reviews Award
04/01/2011 Baptist Convention of New Mexico Children's Ministry Leaders Training
03/15/2011 Compassion International, Atlanta
03/06/2011 Upward Sports Celebration, Johnson City
02/12/2011 Impact 2011 Children's Ministry Conference, Saskatoon, Canada
02/10/2011 Emmanuel Institutes, Johnson City, TN
01/10/2011 The Bishop wins Suspense Magazine's Best Book of 2010!
01/03/2011 Taylor University, Upland, Indiana
12/15/2010 The Knight wins an INSPY Award
12/14/2010 The Bishop makes the Top 10 Christian Critic List
11/17/2010 The Bishop made the Booklist Online's Top 10 for Inspirational Fiction.
11/15/2010 The Big Thrill's Thriller Roundtable Discussion
11/12/2010 The Bishop is Nominated for RT Book Reviews Award
10/19/2010 Breaking News about The Pawn
10/11/2010 The Knight is nominated for the INSPY Award for best suspense/thriller novel.
09/01/2010 The Knight was released in mass paperback by Penguin Books on September 1, 2010.
07/06/2010 Praise for The Bishop
07/06/2010 Praise for The Bishop
07/06/2010 Praise for The Bishop
06/30/2010 Praise for The Bishop