The Knight


Agent Bowers races against time to decipher the labyrinthine clues of a killer bent on reenacting crimes from a 13th-century manuscript condemned by the church.



I worked on this novel for about a year, certain that I knew who the killer was. However, three days before my deadline, I realized that the climax just didn’t work. The only way for me to make the story satisfying and also include a twist, required me to change who the killer was.

Since the book is nearly 500 pages long, this meant major rewrites, which took me several months. So, if you think you know who the killer is, remember that so did I—until the story revealed that it really needed to be someone else.

This book includes a flashback that was so frightening some bookstores banned the book. Actually, the killer was so unsettling that I had to stop working on the novel and write a prayer book (that I had under contract with my publisher) before I was able to come back and finish the novel.

If you like intriguing stories with an historical connection and a chilling killer, this is probably the book for you.


Awards and Honors

Winner of the Christian Manifesto’s Lime Award for Best Fiction

Winner of the INSPY Award for Thriller/Suspense


“Faultless plot pacing, strong character development, and downright pulse pounding suspense.”


“Top-Notch Suspense!”

—RT Book Reviews

“The pacing is breathtaking, the psychological aspect un-put-down-able.”

—The Law, Books, and Life


—Fiction Fanatics Only

“A smart, thoughtful, and satisfying novel.”

—Mysterious Reviews

“Once again, James has given us a rip-snorting thriller with a beating heart.”

—New York Times bestselling author, Eric Wilson

“A master storyteller.”

—Into the Fire Reviews

“A smart, complex and riveting tale…with a mind-boggling finish. This taut, intricate thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

—The House of the Seven Tails

“You won’t find a thriller with more thrills, a novel with more action, a crime story with more twists and turns.”

—Window to my World Reviews.