Quest For Celestia

"Thoroughly engaging and worth every page." —TEENREADS.COM

Kadin is a young man who travels to a land no one in his village believes in, to be healed of a disease no one thinks he has. His quest for the truth is riddled with dangers as a dark lord tries to stop him from reaching the fabled land of the kings.

A stand-alone fantasy novel, Quest for Celestia is a complete re-imagining of one of the bestselling books of all time, first published more than 300 years ago—The Pilgrim’s Progress.

If you think you know the story, think again. Twists lurk around every corner. The journey begins now.


When my publisher first approached me with the idea of reimagining The Pilgrim’s Progress, I was immediately interested—but I didn’t want to paraphrase it or anything like that. I wanted to retell the story as a fantasy adventure rather than an allegory. So, I dove into the story headfirst. They loved the concept and we went for it.

Hint: This book was out of print for a while. Look for the newest edition, published by AMG, because I altered and re-edited nearly every scene to sharpen the story.



"James’ writing ability, storytelling prowess, knowledge and reverence for Story, strong faith, and creative mind make him the perfect person for this reimagining."

—Life is Story

"Descriptive scenes of dungeons, giants, the Baron’s evil archers and a ginormous dragon bring the pages to life just as Bunyan did with 'Pilgrim’s Progress.’ "

—The Suspense Zone

“Quest for Celestia is excellently written and not to be missed by lovers of adventure and fantasy. It is thoroughly engaging and worth every page."


"Mr. James has made this story super exciting.”


"Quest for Celestia was a great read!”

—Christian Bookshelf Reviews