Blur Trilogy, Book #2

After Daniel Byers wakes up in a psych ward with no memory of how he got there, he’s thrown headlong into deciphering the clues to his father’s mysterious disappearance and is drawn into a shocking decades-old mystery that leads him to a modern-day killer.



Building on some of the intriguing premises in Blur, I began to play out three different storylines that I thought were all intriguing—one having to do with secret government research; another with a haunted lighthouse; and a third with wolf poaching.

I had no idea how the three storylines would relate to each other, but every day for months I would wake up, work on the story, think about the possible connections; and little by little, the story revealed itself to me.

Interestingly enough, I struggled with pulling the story together until I decided to include more than just one point of view. Once I made that decision and stopped imposing a framework on the story that it didn’t need, I was able to write it honestly and authentically.

You don’t have to read Blur to understand this story, but there will be more surprises if you check Blur out first.



“Mr. James takes us on a ride that leaves us breathless but extremely satisfied.”

—The Suspense Zone

“Fury is a fast-paced adventure with engaging characters and great suspense that leaves the reader impatiently waiting for the final book in the series.”

—Straight off the Page

“I love the way James can take a story, any story, and make the reader feel as if they are inside the character's’ head.”

—Life is Story